2013 Cyclocross Program

BJC CycloCross 2011/12

The BJC CX season starts Monday August 29th at Bouldert Elks.- The first practice is a “Tryout,” where we evaluate rider ability for placement on the team.- This is a full-on practice – come ready to ride and bring all of your forms.

Two Rider Levels:

  • Tier II – younger/fast/less experienced (~ age 8 – 11)
  • Tier I – older/faster/more experienced (~ age 12 – 19; Race age 13-14 and up)

*Tier II riders (younger) will practice 2x per week from Aug 29th to Nov 2nd. After daylight savings on Nov 6th, there will be an option of continuing with one ride per week, training outside as well as inside in a cycling studio.

*Tier I riders (older) will practice as above like Tier II, but after Nov 6th their one practice per week outside and inside is built into the schedule (i.e. not optional).


  • Tier II (younger): August 29th to Nov 6th. *see above.
  • Tier I (older) August 29th to December 17th*.

December 17th is Colorado CX State Championships!

Practices: Two times per week, Monday and Wednesday, 4:15 to 6:15 PM.

Locations: Varied – see the BJC web site calendar for each ride start location.

Races: On the weekends – two -Team Races- per month, with race coaching
and support.

Cost: Tier II – $370. Tier I – $495

-Tryouts- The first practice on Monday August 29th will be a -tryout- practice in order to place the rider in the appropriate Tier. For example, an older rider with little bike experience may initially be placed in Tier II. Once skills and ability are acquired that rider could move up to Tier I.


Place: Elk-s Club in North Boulder

Time: 4:15 PM

* Parents need to accompany their riders for

  • registration paper work,
  • payments,
  • jerseys/kit orders,NOTE: Kit order payment is due August 31st
  • You need a bike (CX or MTB) and helmet.
  • Here are the form links from the BJC home page.




Partners/Sponsors: US Cycling, Boulder Cycle Sport, Specialized, Vic-s, Ryders Eyewear, Old Chicago, Kenda, Clif Bar, DeSo Foundation.

Bikes and Gear: Discounted pricing for Team members will be available through Specialized and Boulder Cycle Sport in the near future. Further information will be available soon.

Team Kickoff/Information Night: This was held on August 11th; about 30 riders showed up. But it is NOT TOO LATE to join! Come to the tryouts as above, ready to go.

For Further Information: Contact hunter.smith@att.net, ann@trailmastercoaching.com, or sbclint@bickmorefamily.com

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