BJC Programs Overview

Updated August 10, 2020

Registration for the Fall 2020 season opens Friday Aug. 14 at 7 am here.

Email us with questions.

BJC is a nationally recognized development team that provides coaching, training, and racing for all abilities age 4-18. BJC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. In 2019, BJC was named Junior Club of The Year by USA Cycling, and has been designated a USA Center of Excellence every year since 2008.

2020 Program Summary

Bike Play: introduction to cycling for age 4-5

  • 6-week sessions offered Spring, Summer, and Fall (2020 cancelled)

Young Devo: bike skills instruction for age 6-8

  • 6-week sessions offered Spring, Summer, and Fall (Spring and Summer 2020 cancelled, Fall season is happening!)

Devo MTB: all levels of mountain biking for age 9-13

  • Two sessions: Spring (8 weeks) and Summer (9 weeks) (Fall season is happening!)

Shredders: enduro and gravity MTB program for age 11-18

  • Three sessions: Spring (6 weeks), Summer (6 weeks), (Fall season is happening!)

High School programs: for age 14-18

  • Several levels of programs for competitive athletes in Road, MTB, and Cyclocross (Fall season Cyclocross is happening!)

Cyclocross: all levels age 8-18

  • Fall season confirmed, Sept thru November (11 weeks)

What about road racing? Our high school groups combine MTB and Road Racing into one program. We encourage athletes under 13 to join our Devo MTB and Cyclocross programs to develop their skills and fitness and then shift to Road Racing in high school if that’s where their interest lies.

BJC provides:

  • Open, encouraging, team-based approach
  • A sequential program that follows kids as they develop, from age 4-18, from beginners to experts
  • Coach-led practice 1, 2 or 3 days a week, with locations throughout Boulder County
  • Racing is not required for most of our programs, but most kids, Devo age and up choose to race at least a couple times
  • Experienced, well-trained, professional coaching staff with multiple certifications in safety and positive coaching
  • The BJC Hall of Fame includes 36 National Champions, and 29 World Championship team members (includes alumni)
  • Read our parent testimonials here.

Financial Scholarships

BJC offers financial support for families who qualify and you may pay fees in installments. Here’s more information. Application for Scholarships is due prior to the program practice start date.

Girls Invited!
BJC is always working to increase girls’ participation in cycling. Please help spread the word and encourage girls to sign up! All girls – even beginners – are welcome to join practice for a “test ride” at any time. Just let us know!

BJC provides a professional coaching staff that brings a high level of training and experience to the program. Our coaches include top-level racers, national champions, and veterans of the sport. All of them have a passion for junior cycling that fuels our success. All coaches are required to take BJC-provided training plus pass certifications in First Aid, Concussions, Safe Sport, and Positive Coaching.

Racing is not required, but most kids choose to race at least a couple times to apply the skills they’ve learned and see their improvements. (Racing is required in the Race program.) Events are held locally, across Colorado, as well as regionally and – for older and more experienced riders – national championships. Depending on age, an average rider will do about 4-8 races per season.

BJC provides coaching, support, and a dedicated base camp at many races each season. This is included in program fees.  Many families participate in additional races on their own, and there are always other BJC kids to ride with. But BJC can’t provide support at every race on the calendar.

The exact schedule of races with BJC team support will be determined as the season approaches. Sometimes, weather or other factors require us to change the races with BJC team support.

Riders need their own bike as well as a helmet and appropriate clothing (rain jacket, gloves, cold weather gear, etc.) Free or discounted equipment may be available to scholarship riders. Here’s info about what type of bike is best for the Devo program.

Team uniforms are required for racing, but are optional for those who choose not to race. Group clothing orders are placed several times per year, and take about 2 months to be produced. Clothing is not included in program fees. The team also hosts a ‘swap session’ to help exchange gear among ever-growing kids!

Other Team Benefits: Boulder Junior Cycling members get various other benefits and deals, such as:

  • Team tent and coaching at many races all season long, including the National Championships
  • Discounts at our team’s favorite bike shops: Full Cycle and Excel Sports
  • Big savings on bikes thru Giant Bicycles, the official bike sponsor of BJC. Orders are placed via Full Cycle. (Contact us for details)
  • Seasonal orders on discounted gear from select companies
  • Team Facebook group for communicating with the team and buying and selling gear
  • Bike swap to sell gear and buy hand-me-downs
  • A supportive community and frequent parties, events, and social gathering

Volunteering: BJC is a volunteer-based organization. Families are expected to volunteer several hours each season to help keep our program running, and we’ll announce different opportunities for those with a little or a lot of time to pitch in.