Required Gear List – High School Team

The following gear is required: Don’t show up to practice unprepared!

Things to Carry!

  • A cycling backpack/Camelbak/hip pack: This helps you carry extra layers so you’re prepared, as well as tools, parts, food, and other gear.
  • Repair Kit: (required for every ride)
    • Spare tube (your size, and valve type)
    • Tire levers
    • A pump or CO2
    • Multi-Tool
  • Daytime Running Light (rear) This must be a rear blinking light designed for daytime. Not a cheap low-level blinking light. (For all road rides.)


The following clothing items are required because we ride in all weather. If you don’t have any of these items, we ask you to acquire them. Contact Pete for freebies if you are on a tight budget.

Upper Body Gear

  • Jacket: Riders are required to bring a jacket to every practice. Waterproof and insulated versions are necessary.
  • Long Sleeve Jersey: necessary whenever it’s cold.
  • Base Layers: The best way to manage changing weather is to use a variety of undershirts. We suggest tank top, short sleeve, and long sleeve versions.
  • Warm Hat: Proper headgear can make a huge difference in cold-weather riding. A thermal skullcap is essential when it is cold and raining. A thermal ear-band and thermal skullcap layered together are great. Choose ones that are snug, nicely thin, and won’t bunch or become wrinkled under your helmet.
  • Insulated Winter Gloves: Warm gloves are necessary whenever it’s cold or raining. Thin cycling gloves are worthless in the cold. Most long finger MTB gloves are not designed to keep you warm. Think wool or thermal gloves with insulation. Nordic skiing gloves are great, and most bike shops sell this type of cycling glove these days.

Lower Body Gear

  • Wool Socks/ Insulated Socks: Cold feet make unhappy riders
  • Bike Shoe Covers: Insulated or neoprene booties to fit over your cycling shoes.
  • Leg Warmers or Tights: Riders are required to cover their legs whenever temps are below 60!
  • Knee Pads: For all Gravity practices, knee pads are mandatory
  • Rain Pants (Optional): Great to have when really cold and wet.
  • Gore-Tex Riding Pants: Great for wet and cold weather riding on the Enduro bike. (knee pads still required underneath pants)

General Bike Requirements by Discipline 

(Endurance riders are asked to have both MTB and road bikes.)

  • Cross-Country Mountain Bike – race type
    • Must have dropper post
    • We recommend cross-country tires, not “trail” tires
  • Road Bike (cyclocross or gravel bikes are most commonly used)
    • Must have 28 mm tires or greater for dirt roads
    • Contact us for loaner bikes
  • Enduro Bike (gravity riders)
    • Must have min 140mm rear travel and 150mm front travel 
    • Must have dropper post 
    • Tire inserts (cushcore) strongly recommended