BJC Code of Conduct

1. Athletes shall treat themselves, coaches, and team members with respect and dignity and make a sincere effort to support the shared goals of the team.

2. Athletes shall not use any illegal drugs, including any and all performance enhancing drugs as defined by the United States Anti Doping Agency, nor shall any athlete consume alcohol, or use any form of tobacco.

3. Athletes shall not engage in any manner of criminal activity.

4. Athletes shall wear a helmet while riding.

5. Athletes shall not take inappropriate risks or willingly attempt anything which is beyond the scope of what is reasonable and appropriate.

6. Athletes shall ride responsibly and limit damage and erosion to trails and the environment.

7. Athletes will follow all traffic laws.

8. Athletes shall model and display courteous riding and behavior at all times.

Remember, you are responsible for all your actions and words while riding on the team. Your behavior reflects upon the team as well as sponsors and Boulder Junior Cycling itself. Think of yourselves as ambassadors for the team, the sport of cycling, and your community.

The USA Cycling Code of Conduct is here.