Young Devo

The BJC Young Devo Team is for 6-8 year old girls and boys who have basic riding skills but want to improve and learn to ride off-road terrain such as parks, trails near town, and Valmont Bike Park. We meet at various locations around Boulder and rotate with each practice.

Over several sequential lessons, riders will learn basic mountain bike skills that will enable them to stop better, negotiate turns and bumpy terrain, ride up and down hills, ride small drop offs, and other skills. For the last practice, parents will be invited to join us on a local singletrack ride as riders put their new skills to use.

To participate in Young Devo riders must:

  • Be 6-8 years of age (as of program start date)
  • Own a mountain bike with gears and hand brakes
  • Have a certified helmet
  • Be comfortable riding on grass or dirt
  • Be able to stop their bike using hand brakes

Registration info here.

2023 Young Devo Spring Season

  • April 12 – May 20 (6 practices)
  • Practices are one day per week
  • Three practice options: Choose one:
    • Wed 5:00-6:15 pm
    • Sat 8:30-9:45 am
    • Sat 10:00-11:15 am
    • Cost: $195

2023 Young Devo Summer Season

  • Week of June 12 – July 29 
  • Days and times TBD
  • Practices are one day per week, days TBD
  • Cost: $195

2023 Young Devo Fall Season

  • Dates: TBD, tentatively early Sept to mid Oct
  • Cost: TBD
  • Practice one day per week

SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE: We strongly encourage families to contact us about assistance paying for program fees, equipment/clothing costs, and racing costs. Finances should never be a reason a family can’t join our team! BJC has a scholarship fund set aside for this purpose, and we are honored to provide nearly $20,000 in financial scholarships and equipment every year. While some BJC programs sell out very quickly, we always hold spots open for those kids who might be a scholarship candidate. You won’t lose your spot on the team! Applications are welcome anytime, but we prefer to receive them at least a month in advance of the program start date if possible. We look forward to all inquiries. Please contact Executive Director Pete Webber (email).


  • A well maintained and well fitting MTB with gears and hand brakes: Bikes MUST BE 100% functioning. A poorly functioning bike can ruin a practice for all riders in the group, so please get your bike serviced before the first practice. Tires need to be pumped up to the correct pressure, but please do not pump tires up to the max pressure written on the tire. Tire pressure is a factor of rider weight, terrain, and tire size, but generally the Young Devo Riders will be in the high teens PSI. If your bike is being serviced, please let them know that tire pressure should be set up for trails, not the road.
  • Certified bike helmet: Before every practice, we do a helmet safety check. You can increase the amount of time we have to ride by making sure your rider’s helmet is safe and fitting correctly before practice. Please watch this video and adjust your rider’s helmet. We use this simple 2-2-2 rule for helmet fit…  Roughly 2 fingers should fit between the eyebrows and the helmet, 2 fingers should just squeeze under the chin strap, and 2 fingers in a peace sign should go on either side of the ear, following the straps.  The straps should be on either side of the ear. The helmet should be level on the head.  With the chin strap undone the helmet retention system, in the back of the helmet, should be tight enough that the rider can lean forward and shake their head, and the helmet will stay on.  Obviously, do up the chin strap when you are ready to ride!
  • Water or sport drink, and a healthy snack, such as a sport bar or similar
  • A bike tube of the correct size and valve type for your bike: There are half a dozen sized tires and wheel sizes for this age group. As a result, coaches are unable to bring tubes for every size. It is important that riders carry a tube for their specific bike.
  • Rain jacket
  • BJC T-Shirt. New riders will be given a T-Shirt. Some of you have participated in BJC before and have BJC T-shirts. Our weekly practice would be a great time for your rider to wear their shirt. These can help visually assist our coaches during drop off and during practice at busy environments such as Valmont. 
  • ALWAYS FEED YOUR RIDER BEFORE PRACTICE.  This is one of our biggest coaching challenges, and it can esily be avoided.  Not just a bowl of cereal or a bar, but a substantial and nutritious breakfast complete with a glass of water. For our after school riders, please eat a substantial snack before practice. This should almost be a second lunch, a Z bar or a few goldfish crackers is not enough.  Often riders will ask for a snack break after only a few minutes of practice. This can take away from riding time and fun. Many riders start the day hungry and dehydrated, creating many coaching and riding challenges that we can avoid! 

SAFESPORT: Athlete Wellness and SafeSport is a high priority for BJC. We’re proud to have earned Gold Level Certification, the highest level available. More info here.

LOCATIONS: We meet at locations throughout Boulder County and rotate with every practice.

BAD WEATHER: We almost NEVER cancel practice due to bad weather. We ride in the rain and snow! Be ready! Please dress for the conditions that day! This will range from very hot to very cold, and include rain, snow, wind, sleet, etc. When trails are too muddy to ride, we’ll ride other locations. In the case of extreme weather we will cancel practice, but it almost never happens. We do not provide make up days.