Gravity Program – Fall Season

This page updated July 5, 2024

With a focus on working on skills, improving your ability to control the bike and ride downhill fast, the BJC Fall Gravity Session is a High School Aged program designed to improve Enduro riding and racing skills to help athletes to develop in the gravity disciplines. Working to operate in tandem with Fall High School mountain bike racing, we have built a program that allows athletes to choose a 1 day a week practice option, as well as the option of attending 2 practices a week. Below, we outline an approach to maximize the ability for athletes to pursue their passion on two wheels and develop skills on the bike to last a lifetime. 


  • 7 Weeks – (7 -or- 14 Practices)
  • Sept 10 – Oct 23, 2024
    • Tuesday: 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm
    • Wednesday: 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm


Practices vary from locations in Lyons, Lefthand Canyon, Valmont as well as White Ranch and some Golden Trails. These variations in practice locations allow for dynamic coaching in new terrain and giving athletes the opportunity to apply their skills in new places. 


Practices are built to work around your local High School MTB team schedule, allowing you to participate on multiple teams.

Here are the recommended options:

  • If you have HS XC MTB Practices on Mon-Wed  =  attend Gravity Practice on TUE ONLY
  • If you have HS XC MTB Practice on Tues-Thurs  =  attend Gravity  Practice on WED ONLY
  • If you are also doing BJC cyclocross =  plan to attend Gravity practice on TUE ONLY
  • NOT Doing HS XC MTB  =  Gravity Practice on TUE & WED

We ask that you attend and register for the same day each week so we can be best prepared to coach you this fall season. 

For those interested in participating in both Gravity and BJC cyclocross, please reach out to myself &  Pete directly and we will coordinate what is best for you! 


  • 2 Practice a week athletes: $700
  • 1 Practice a week athletes: $400


We highly recommend riders participate in the HS MTB League. High School Cross Country  racing is fantastic for your development as a cyclist. The team camaraderie and event atmosphere is often referred to as “one of the best things about HS”.  If your school doesn’t have a team contact the HS League and they will arrange for you to be on a team near you!


    • Enduro Mountain Bike (150mm Travel min front and rear)
    • Knee pads at every practice
    • Trail Helmet
    • Full face Helmet (for Bike Park Days) 
    • Eye Protection (Sunglasses or Trail goggles)
    • Riding Pack (with 1.5L water, 400 cal of food,  flat repair kit, multitool, and tube)
    • Rain Jacket 
  • MARKING ATTENDANCE: Athletes will be required to mark attendance for practice on the Wednesday before the following week’s practice. If they DO NOT mark their attendance by Wednesday before the following week, they must reach out to me directly to be allowed to participate at practice, otherwise their Coach will send them home at the beginning of practice. NO exceptions or excuses, this will be strictly enforced. 3 unexcused absences will result in a removal from the Team. 


  • RETURNING MEMBERS: If you are a returning member to the team, REGISTER HERE 
  • NEW MEMBERS: Reach out to me via Email and we can coordinate to see if the team is a good fit for you!

BJC has a financial support program for athletes needing help paying program fees, equipment, and/or travel costs. Finances should never be a reason an athlete can’t travel to a race or join a program. BJC has a scholarship fund set aside for this purpose, and we welcome all applications. Details:

BJC Runs on a Philosophy of Respect and Accountability for Coaches and Athletes. The above attendance policy and team requirements reflect an accountability to your coaches and to your fellow team mates to maximize the coaching and riding experience. Please take these small steps in making this Team the best it can be! 

With any questions about registration, scholarship, or the fall session, please feel free to reach out! 

With Kindness and Stoke!

Christoph Cikraji, BJC High School Program Manager