How do I order team clothing?

All BJC clothing is custom ordered. We do not keep regular stock on hand.

Clothing is pre-ordered by individuals twice per year through the online store of our vendor, Cuore. Generally an email will be sent when the store is open, or will be posted on the facebook or web page. Ordering typically happens twice per year in February and mid-July and takes 6-8 weeks to be produced.

Clothing must be ordered and paid for directly from the Coure online store. Clothing is not included in program fees and there is little inventory of clothing held by BJC.

A fitting session is typically held before the order is placed for riders to try on the gear at the Coure offices at 3121 Longhorn Road, on Hwy 36 just north of Boulder at the turn off to Boulder Valley Ranch. If you already know your sizes, you do not need to attend the fitting.

Got outgrown kits? Here’s a Facebook Group where you can buy and sell BJC clothing (Or anything else.)

Contact Pete for details on when the next order period will be and how to place an order.

A few notes on sizes: There are 2 size ranges: Youth and Adult. The youth sizes range from 116 –152 which is based on the rider’s height in centimeters. For example size 122 is for a child 122 centimeters tall. Youth sizing goes up to 152 and then Adult sizing continues from XS up to 3XL. (Size XXS is technically an overlap of 152.) Don’t try and GUESS the proper size! Go to the fitting, try on a friend’s kit, or contact Cuore. Size charts are below.

Questions? Contact our friends at Cuore:



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