Devo MTB (Age 9-14)

This page updated July 5, 2024

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The BJC Devo mountain bike program is a cycling team for girls and boys ages 9-14, from enthusiastic beginners to experts. ** (Fall season age range is 12-14) This is the core program of BJC’s progression model and focuses on both cross country and gravity/enduro mountain bike skills to develop well rounded riders. Our focus is on fundamental skill and fitness development and an introduction to racing. The program is led by professional coach Lester Pardoe, now in his 18th season with BJC, along with a professional coaching staff that brings a high level of training and experience to the program.

BJC welcomes riders of all speed and skill levels, but we want to emphasize that our program is geared towards engaged young athletes who are motivated to improve their skills and fitness.

Riders are expected to be engaged participants who are ready to be challenged at an appropriate level for their age group. Riders should be ready to climb uphill and will be expected to have enthusiasm and fitness, but maybe not the technical skills, to ride up the hills at trails like Doudy Draw, Marshall Mesa, Heil Ranch, and Valmont Bike Park. We ride on trails all over Boulder County and will also include bike paths, paved/gravel roads, and bike parks. For more info, please see our FAQ for MTB Devo Program.

The BJC Devo mountain bike program includes opportunities for gravity and enduro-style riding for our more experienced riders at the upper end of this age group. These riders may have the opportunity to ride steep technical terrain and learn skills such as jumping, drop-offs, and other trail features. 

Racing is not a requirement of the Devo Program, but is encouraged as we feel great life lesson can be learned through healthy competition

Key events in 2024 include: 

  • Battle The Bear, Bear Lake State Park March 30
  • The Fangdango in Castle Rock May 5
  • Crested Butte Junior Bike Week in June 26-30
  • Midweek Melee Series at Bear Lake State Park
  • Wednesday night short track racing at Valmont Bike Park May + June
  • State MTB Championships in Copper on July 6

Seasons are broken into Spring, Summer, and Fall. (See below.)

Participants must be comfortable riding on grass and dirt and have a bike that meets the following criteria:

Minimum bike requirements to participate in Devo MTB

• A proper MTB (no e-bikes) with disc brakes
• Wheel size 26” or greater (unless approved by Lester)
• Tires of 2.0” or wider
• Front suspension

If your bike does not meet these requirements you will not be allowed to participate in the Devo MTB program. Contact us for assistance if needed!

Click here for more about choosing mountain bikes.


  • Be 9+ years of age at of April 1, 2024 (Fall season is age 12-14)
  • Own a mountain bike that meets our requirements (above)
  • Have a certified helmet
  • Be comfortable riding on grass or dirt
  • A willingness to ride uphill
  • BJC reserves the right of selective admission for group compatibility
  • The first 4 practices are mandatory for all riders so we can create well matched groups
  • You must attend 80% of offered practices. Prorated fees are not offered. Please do not register if you can’t attend 80%.

Registration info here.

2024 Devo MTB Spring Season

  • April 1 – May 23 (8 weeks, 16 practices)
  • Two practices per week, choose Tues/Thurs or Mon/Wed 
  • 2 hour practices, 4:30-6:30 pm (+/- 15 min to allow for staggered groups)
  • The first 4 practices are mandatory for all riders so we can create well matched groups
  • New riders may be invited to introductory practices the week of March 225
  • Cost: $595

2024 Devo MTB Summer Season

  • June 3 – Aug 1 (8 weeks, 16 practices) No practices July 4th holiday week
  • Two practices per week, choose Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs
  • 3 hour practices: 8:30 – 11:30 a.m. (+/- 15 minutes to allow for staggered groups)
  • The first 4 practices are mandatory for all riders so we can create well matched groups
  • Cost: $820

2024 Devo MTB Fall Season 

  • FALL SEASON NOTE: Must be age 12+ on Sept. 1.
  • Athletes under age 12 are encouraged to join our Cyclocross Team in the fall season.
  • Choose Monday & Wednesday OR Tuesday & Thursday, 2 hour practices, 4:30-6:30 pm
  • Dates: Aug. 26 – Oct. 17 (8 weeks)
  • No practice Sept.2 for Labor Day
  • Due to limited availability BJC reserves the right of selective admission for group compatibility.
  • Cost: $595

Please read our FAQ for the MTB Devo Program.

Learn more about BJC’s Approach to Development (14 min. video)

GROUPS: During the first week of the MTB Devo program, athletes will work in large groups to allow the coaching staff to assess riders and develop approximately 20 different groups of 6-8 athletes and 1-2 coaches. Many factors are involved in forming groups, such as the athlete’s age, experience, group chemistry, sibling needs, and many other factors. Group assignments are not a ranking and should not be viewed as competitive nor an evaluation of each athlete. Please do not request changes to groups. Please do not register if participation is contingent on your rider being in a certain group.

LOCATIONS: We break into small groups that meet at various locations spread across Boulder County. We rotate among 10-12 locations, which change often. Unlike traditional day camps, we do not meet at a central location. Instead, we are dispersed across many locations, with about 2-3 groups at each place. Locations for each group are announced weekly, which enables us to place each group at the best location for their needs and the weather that week.

CARPOOLS: During registration, you may list carpool partners. We’ll do our best to place carpool partners in the same group. But we can’t guarantee that carpool requests will be met. This is because we do not meet at a central location. Athletes will be divided into about 20 different groups, and these groups meet at various locations. Many factors are involved in forming groups, and we can’t promise that carpool partners will be placed in the same group. Please do not register if your participation is contingent on a specific carpool.

POLICY ON SPECIAL REQUESTS: Every day BJC receives emails and calls from parents making requests to adjust the program for one participant or one situation. Parents send us requests to change groups, change the schedule, or change locations. We can’t accommodate this type of special request and responding to them greatly hampers our ability to keep running BJC smoothly. We’ve created a range of programs to meet the needs of most families, and changes to meet special requests are simply not possible.

SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE: We strongly encourage families to contact us about assistance paying for program fees, equipment/clothing costs, and racing costs. Finances should never be a reason a family can’t join our team! BJC has a scholarship fund set aside for this purpose, and we are honored to provide nearly $20,000 in financial scholarships and equipment every year. While some BJC programs sell out very quickly, we always hold spots open for those kids who might be a scholarship candidate. You won’t lose your spot on the team! Applications are welcome anytime, but we prefer to receive them at least a month in advance of the program start date if possible. We look forward to all inquiries. Please contact Executive Director Pete Webber (email).

SAFESPORT: Athlete Wellness and SafeSport is a high priority for BJC. We’re proud to have earned Gold Level Certification, the highest level available. More info here.

LOCATIONS: We meet at locations throughout Boulder County. Here’s a list. We start with basic trails and build from there.  By the end of the season the riders are comfortable on almost all the trails in Boulder County:  Marshall Mesa, Valmont Bike Park, Betasso, Boulder Reservoir, Heil Ranch, Picture Rock, Hall Ranch and more!

BAD WEATHER: We almost NEVER cancel practice due to bad weather. We ride in the rain and snow! Be ready! Please dress for the conditions that day! This will range from very hot to very cold, and include rain, snow, wind, sleet, etc. When trails are too muddy to ride, we’ll ride other locations. In the case of extreme weather we will cancel practice, but it almost never happens. We do not provide make up days.

UNIFORMS: Team uniforms are required for racing, but are optional for those who choose not to race. Group clothing orders are placed several times per year, and take about 2 months to be produced. Clothing is not included in program fees. The team also hosts a ‘swap session’ to help exchange gear among ever-growing kids!

Questions? Director of Devo Programming & Lead Coach: Lester Pardoe (email)