Clothing Order Deadline Friday Feb. 16, 2024

The team kit store is now open for ONE WEEK ONLY!

Lots of details, so please read carefully…

Deadline for orders is midnight on Friday Feb. 16. The online store is here.

Expect delivery of this order around mid-April. Orders are shipped to the BJC office and we’ll notify you how to collect it. They are NOT shipped to your home.

Got outgrown kits? Sell or give them away using the “chat” function on Team Snap or the BJC Facebook Group here.

Our kits are produced by Cuore, a Boulder-based company who are big supporters of BJC. Cuore is an Italian word that means “heart.” We work with Cuore to get the lowest prices possible.

BJC kits are custom made and must be ordered and paid for directly from the Cuore online store. Kits are not included in our program fees and there is little inventory of clothing held by BJC.

If costs are a concern for your family, please contact Pete for info about support, freebies, and other donated items we have available. 

All BJC programs use the same color kits and purchasing it is optional. Most riders wear their team kit at practice nearly every day. The design does not change from year to year other than a few sponsor logos.

Here are the ordering steps, read carefully:

Step 1) Research your size. Don’t guess! There are no returns or exchanges. If you are not sure what sizes to order, please reach out to teammates who are your size for advice. Or use the “chat” function on Team Snap to ask for suggestions. Size charts are here:

Step 2) Go to the online store

New riders will need to set up an account. Returning riders who ordered before can use their existing account.

Step 3) Order and pay for your clothing. All clothing will be delivered to the BJC office and we’ll let you know how to pick it up. They are NOT shipped to your home.

A few notes:

-Any family members are eligible to order clothing

-There are 2 size ranges: Junior and Adult

-For adult sizes, there are two levels of kit. Silver is the highest performance, while Bronze offers the best prices

-For junior sizes, only Bronze is offered

-The junior sizes are based on the rider’s height in centimeters. The options are 116, 128, 140, 152. For example size 140 is for a child 140 centimeters tall. 152 translates closely to an adult XXS jersey.

-Adult sizing runs from XS up to 3XL. 

-All clothing will be delivered to BJC and we’ll let you know how to pick it up.

-All short sleeve jerseys come standard with added 4 cm length in the sleeve. This fits better and works well with the BJC red arm warmers.

-Custom tailoring is available, you can add or subtract length to body, sleeves, legs, etc (fees apply)

-Accessories: You can get BJC red arm warmers (matches perfect!) black leg warmers, gloves, and hats. Base layers are not available this season.

-We HIGHLY recommend the Thermal Full-Zip Tights as one of the best pieces of kit you’ll ever own. This is a key item to wear during the colder months!

-Questions? Email our friends at Cuore.