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Teva Games Report by Jack Tanner

Race Report by Jack

Upon arriving at the Teva games in Vail, everyone was confronted with overcast skies with light showers. The first wave of races went off without a hitch, with near perfect weather. However the second wave (which I was in) felt the force of the weather. Just as the race was about to begin, the race officials postponed because of a storm cell that was rolling in at the time. It was a good thing that they postponed, because the storm hit hard and fast, with soaking rain and a few bits of hail. I took shelter under the lower station of a ski lift at the base area of Vail. It was very cool to see how positive the locals were, they didn’t bum about the rain at all.
Soon the rain had reduced to a sprinkle, and the racing was back on again. We started at a killer pace, and I was quickly dumped from the junior expert category. I dragged my way up the very steep and long muddy climb, and caught 4 people on my way up. Then came the downhill which felt more like east coast riding than the dry mountain soil we are used to. It was super fun, but I still lost loads of time on it, and was passed by everyone I had passed on the climb. Then came the final hill, and then the race was done. Even though I didn’t do so well, I got lots of experience and had a great time. The Teva games is always a fun race, because it showcases the cycling community that exists here in Colorado, and it’s a fun event to take part in. Overall it was a great race with an even better turnout. I can’t wait to see how big the cycling event turns out next year at the Teva games.

– Jack

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