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Salida Race – by Kurtis

Salida Race Report

For the Salida Race I arrived the day before and I pre-rode the course with my dad around dusk. I raced around noon so I had a Banana with peanut butter around 120 after studying in the morning. I did Ann’s standard warm-up before the race. I went fairly hard off the start and got in a good draft behind second. About half way up the hill the guy in first sprinted off but I did not follow him because I thought he would burn out. I was 2nd going into the trail, myself and 3rd place managed to drop almost everyone else. We worked together to pull each other up the road the second time around. I dropped him through the single track and finished 1st in Cat 2, and what would have been 2nd in Cat 1. I wish I would have followed the other guy off the start because he never burnt out and I still felt strong at the end of the race.
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