Rider Diaries

Superior Morgul by Cassidy Donohue

At the Superior Morgul Road Race the course was changed overnight due to traffic, shortening the course, but adding hills. The day was good riding weather and the field was small.

We started out with a neutral start and the climb to The Wall began. I didn’t remember the pain in my legs ever being so bad last time I hammered up The Wall. As I reached the top I knew it was going to be a painful race. As the only girl, I was pulling a couple other kids from other teams. I pulled them up the hill very slowly and eventually made it.

I followed them to the turn-around, trying to make up time, but so much had been lost from the windy hill, I just wanted to finish the race now.

The rest of the course was a steady climb into the descent off The Wall, around and back up it again. I finished the race with an okay time and a good ride. Overall it was a fun race.

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