Rider Diaries

Colorado Mini Classic Road Race by Wiley Melton

BJC went to Silt, Colorado last weekend to race in a three-day omnium called the Colorado Mini Classic. The road race consisted of a steep, short climb at the start, a very short descent, rollers for a few miles, a few miles of flat and then back up the rolling hills into a fast descent.

As soon as we hit the first climb, the whole pack split apart, and I was caught between two groups of three. On the descent I was caught by the group behind me and began the rolling hills. During a very short and steep hill we caught two riders and dropped one of ours. At the top of the last small hill we hit a very short corner where the rider behind me slowed and created a gap. After a while he caught back on.

While we were going back to the finish, three riders refused to work together so I attacked before the descent and beat everyone in my group.

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