2022 Fall Season News

We are pleased to announce details for the 2022 fall season.

Registration for fall programs opens Monday, July 18, 7:00 a.m. on the BJC website. We expect all programs to fill quickly.

If you have any questions about programs or registration, please contact us ASAP, do not wait for registration to open or it may be too late. Please study the details about each individual program before you sign up.

Summer Break: We strongly recommend BJC athletes take at least 2-3 weeks off the bike this summer. It’s critical that you put the bike away for a mental and physical rest break before starting the fall season. During the month of August, BJC slows down and our staff go on vacation to recharge and prepare for an awesome fall season!


Cyclocross Devo: Age 8-14, Aug 29 – Nov. 17, choose Tues/Thurs or Mon/Wed. This program is highly recommended and a cornerstone of BJC. A CX bike is not needed. (Program Details) 

High School Cyclocross aka Hoogerheide: Sept. 6  – Dec. 11, high school ages, practices Tues & Wed. This is the continuation of our Red Squad. Can be blended with High School MTB teams. New riders should contact Coach Joe Lewis (email) before registering.  (Program Details)

CX High: A quick intro to cyclocross for High School MTB racers who are new to the sport. We’ll host 3 practices on Mondays in Sept. (Program Details)

Young Devo: Age 6-8, Sept.10 – Oct. 15, Saturday mornings. (Program Details)

Devo MTB: Age 12-14, Aug. 29 – Oct. 20, choose Tues/Thurs or Mon/Wed. (Program Details) FALL SEASON NOTE: Age range for the fall season is 12–14 (must be age 12 on Sept. 1). Athletes under age 12 are encouraged to join Cyclocross Devo in the fall season. Due to limited availability BJC reserves the right of selective admission for group compatibility.

Shredders: Age 14+, Sept. 6 – Oct. 20, requires application which is due by Aug. 1.

A quick intro to cyclocross for High School MTB racers who are new to the sport. We’ll host 3 practices on Mondays in Sept. (Program Details)

Here are some tips for a smooth registration:

-Please study the details about each individual program before you sign up

-Programs are capped and fill quickly

-Registration is thru Team Snap

-A headshot photo of the participant is required to register

-You can test registration in advance with a mock registration here.

-Applications for scholarships are welcome anytime, but we prefer them before registration starts.

WANT TO COACH? We’re hiring coaches! Contact us.

TEAM KITS: The online store will open on approx. July 18. We’ll send details soon.

REMINDER OF DEVO MTB BIKE REQUIREMENTS: BJC has the following minimum bike requirements to participate in the Devo MTB program:

-A proper MTB with disc brakes

-Wheel size 26” or greater (unless approved by Lester)

-Tires of 2.0” or wider

-Front suspension

SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE: We strongly encourage families to contact us about assistance paying for program fees, equipment costs, clothing costs, and racing costs. Finances should never be a reason a family can’t join our team! BJC has a scholarship fund set aside for this purpose, and we are honored to provide nearly $20,000 in financial scholarships and equipment every year. While some BJC programs sell out very quickly, we always hold spots open for those kids who might be a scholarship candidate. You won’t lose your spot on the team! We look forward to all inquiries. Applications are welcome anytime, but we prefer to receive them at least a month in advance of the program start date if possible. Please contact Executive Director Pete Webber.

Policy on Group Requests: Please do not send requests to be in a certain group. No exceptions. Please do not register if participation is contingent on your rider being in a certain group.

Policy on Carpool Requests: We can’t guarantee that carpool requests will be met. When each season begins, participants are assigned to groups that meet at different rotating locations across Boulder County. When forming these groups we will attempt to meet carpool requests made during the registration process, but it’s impossible for BJC to meet all carpool requests. Please do not register if your participation is contingent on a specific carpool.

Questions?  Contact information for our staff is here. Emails are welcome anytime, but please call or text only during normal business hours.