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Race Report – Missoula ProXCT, by Jack Tanner

Race Report- Missoula XCT

Jack Tanner

Missoula was probably my favorite race of this year, not because of anything I accomplished, but because of the environment of the race itself. I really enjoyed the course which was steep and technical, while still allowing for passing opportunities on the many uphills. Another thing that made the whole race unique is that they were broadcasting it live on velonews (for the pro fields) which is something that doesn’t happen a lot in the American XCT races. One of the best things about the races was that the people there were all super nice and happy. Everyone was just stoked to watch the races. It was a really awesome atmosphere to hang out in. Overall the race was totally worth the 12-ish hours of driving that it took to get there! I want to thank all our sponsors (especially Poc which saved some of our heads with their great helmets) and our great coach Ann Trombley!

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