Rider Diaries

Race Report Battle of the Bear

By Molly Madden


On Saturday, I raced in the Battle of the Bear junior 15-16 category. This race went really well for me. I started with the boys junior 15-16 category, and this was fun, because they pushed me throughout the race to go faster. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to preride the course, and from what my teammates told me, there were a few brutal climbs. I started out on the course, feeling good. Towards the end, I reached a hill that just never seemed to end. Pushing through, I came back through the start, where everyone was cheering me on. The next lap was very uneventful, and I didn’t see another racer until I finished. This time, I was ready for the climb, and I just pushed myself through it. I finished in 1st place, and I was happy with this race.

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