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Fruita Race Report by Wyatt

Rumble at 18 Rd- Fruita, CO

Race Report by Wyatt

I don’t know what it was about this race. Was it not having raced in awhile? Not remembering the feeling of pre-race jitters that allowed me to voyage into this race easily? Or maybe i’m beginning to cope with the feeling and am able to completely just factor it out…

I have mixed feeling about my race result, I was in the middle of the pack (5th) and felt I could have gone harder. My legs were just not putting out enough power, no excuses. I got what I got. Having said that, here is a list of things I plan to work on:
-Nutrition. We got a nutrition talk shortly before the race from Meaghan Forbes. It really put some ideas in my head about what i should be eating/ drinking. I had a really hard time with this last year, so it is a priority.
-Preparedness. Always being prepared for nearly any situation is a must. I need to practice always riding with the proper tools/ equipment i.e. tube, multi tool, pump/ Co2, tire lever, water, and food
-Warm up. I need to get the routine from Coach Ann drilled in my head. (sorry, can’t give the secret formula away!)
-Fun. I need to have fun! Can’t take this racing too seriously otherwise it will become drab and boring.
-Listening. Listen to Coach. that is all.

Can’t wait to see where this race season takes me!


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