BJC Volunteers Help Get More Kids on Bikes

May, 2017 — This season, BJC riders and families volunteered for a special project: we helped give away 50 free Strider bikes to children.

We volunteered with the Colorado-based Soul Day Foundation to give the bikes to children in the Colorado Adolescent Maternity Program, otherwise known as CAMP.

CAMP is a program of Children’s Hospital in Denver that focuses on the medical, social and emotional needs of young mothers and their families. The Soul Day Foundation’s mission is to spread kindness and lift souls of children and women in need.

BJC volunteers assembled the 50 bikes, and then participated in a give-away picnic in Denver to teach the kids and their families how to ride, how to care for their new bikes, and tips for being safe and having fun. BJC created a mini Strider track at the picnic with a loop and obstacles for the new riders.

Carrie Dorr, founder of the Soul Day Foundation, helped organize the event. She said, “The Soul Strider Day is an event where kids can be kids and experience the simple joys of life leaving a lifelong impact on those attending and everyone involved.”

BJC was honored to be involved in the project and we hope to make it an annual event with the Soul Day Foundation and Children’s Hospital. We love doing service projects and are always looking for opportunities to give back to the communities we live in. Contact us if you have an idea for a BJC project!