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Rider Diary: Cheyenne Mountain 2011 by Garrett Sczechowski

This race did not exactly go as planned. I had only ridden my bike 3 or 4 times before this race and I was tired from a lacrosse game the day before. The course was quite technical, one of the most technical courses I have ever raced on. I was not ready for it, and the lack of a pre-ride did not help me in the long run. From the get go I was not feeling great. My legs felt tired and heavy. I did my best to keep pace with those in front of me. On the last lap I had a pretty bad crash and ended up a little ways down the edge of the trail stuck in a tree. I got cut up pretty bad and the rear disc got bent. From there I just went for finishing the race in one piece. While the race did not turn out exactly how I wanted to ride it I did finish it, which is always important for me.

Garrett Sczechowski

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