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Rider Diary: 2012 Rumble at 18 Road by Chris Key

Rumble at 18 Road –

by Chris, Cat 2 15-18

The course in Fruita had a lot of fire road, but once the single track started it was a great course. We had good weather despite the forecast, and was fairly warm for a 8 o clock start. I had a good start, but after a couple of miles I crashed on a patch of sand trying to pass someone in a different category. Before the first of the two steep climbs I had rejoined with 3rd place and was leading him into the three climbs, right as we started the climb my chain got stuck between the cassette and the spokes. It took about 2 and ½ minutes to get the chain out so my chance at a podium was over at that point. I still buried myself trying to catch 3rd and get a podium, and even though I didn’t catch my teammate Adin I was still proud that I was only 16 seconds behind him.

Things I did well:

  • recovering from a crash
  • fixing bike on the course
  • carrying speed through corners
  • cleaning the climbs
  • drinking water
  • holeshot
  • breakfast
  • pre race warm up

Things I didn’t do well:

  • following too close (reason for crash)
  • getting in a rhythm after crash
  • clothing (too much
Cat 2 Junior Men head out on the 10 mile loop


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