Cross 2013-2014 Recap – Nats!!

A look back at 2013

With National championship on our home turf in Boulder the turn out of  BJC riders at Valmont was unprecedented. Over 50 BJC riders participated. Wow!

It takes  courage and self confidence to toe the start line at the national championships. We are  proud of all of our BJC riders. Remember, the goal is always to do your best no matter where you place. We hope you all had fun out there!

Coach Emily had these words for our BJC riders:

“I was so proud of all of you this week! What an opportunity — to race the National Championships at home on a course your coach designed and break it in for the best in the world! You all left it all on the course and showed respect, sportsmanship and encouragement to those around you. You all did amazing, I hope you got to take in the joy of it all and heard lots of people cheer your name.”


Coach Michael Robson had this observation:

“By the way, a quick pencil and paper tally revealed this: Colorado riders took home 13 bronze medals, 12 silver and 13 gold. That’s just over 11 pounds of gleaming metal.”

Nice work Boys

The Start of the 9-10 JM race

The Start of the 9-10 race

There were some standout results and we would like to congratulate the following for their top 10 finishes:

JrW 9-10 Kaya Cline 4th ;   JrW 11-12 Tea Wright 1st (National Champion)

JrM 9-10 Kahill Bailey 2nd,  Seamus Keller 3rd, Kayden Cline 4th, Carden King 7th, Nicholas Boni  10th

JrM 11-12 Jared Scott  2nd, Dakota Cline 3rd, Aiden Keller 8th,Luke Elphingstone 10th

JrM 13-14 Ethan Wright 4th, Nolan Stephenson 5th, Max Robson 6th, Nolan Brunner  9th

JrM 15-16 Denzel Stephenson 5th,Eric Brunner 7th, Jack Tanner 9th, Cassidy Bailey 10th

JrM 17-18 Grant Ellwood 5th

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