Pre-Race Update Friday Oct. 23, 2020

Hello Schoolyard Cross Racers,

Here’s a quick message to update you on the event.

A winter storm is coming, but cyclocross is an all-weather sport and the race will proceed as planned unless conditions are significantly hazardous.

As a community, we’d like to ask for your cooperation to help us make a fun and safe event. Two things you can do is 1) be extra prepared for the cold weather, and 2) follow our Covid precautions. We really appreciate your help, we’re all in this together!

KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT: Keep an eye on the weather, read our pre-race communications, and exercise good judgement. Everyone must make their own personal decision about racing in these weather conditions and with Covid and what they are comfortable with. You are responsible for your own preparations.

FORECAST: It’s going to be full in winter. Temps 10-20 f, snow, and north winds 10-15 mph.

National Weather Service Website:

BE PREPARED: Collect all your winter gear and test it out. Start the process today. Remember that most cycling gear is not designed for conditions like this. Ignore your team jersey and thin cycling gloves. Pull out the ski gear, your many layers, and plan for the worst.

COLD WEATHER GEAR TIPS: Scroll down in this email.

COVID PRECAUTIONS: Scroll down in this email.

USE YOUR CAR FOR WARMTH: Be sure your car is gassed up and ready to provide a refuge from the cold. There are no indoor warm spaces available at the venue except our emergency medical space. Bring dry clothing, a blanket or sleeping bag, and hot drinks. Make sure your car is ready. 

MAKE GOOD CHOICES: Respect mother nature. If you are freezing, get into your car and crank the heat. Do not stay outside beyond your own comfort level.

TEAM TENTS: We strongly discourage team tents due to the Covid risk, but we recognize the weather conditions. Our experience tells us that tents are NOT a very effective warm refuge, they are too drafty, hard to heat, and hard to maintain upright in snow and wind. Personal vehicles are far warmer and far safer with Covid. We strongly recommend vehicles over team tents. However, if you need to set up a team tent, please contact us at

TIMING CHIPS: This is important:  Please return your chip at the finish. Riders will be charged a $75 fee for lost chips.

DISTANCING: Please do not gather in groups except for your race.

MASKS: Required 100% of the time except racing.

PITS: The pit is one-sided, and you’ll pass it once per lap. Individual pit helpers and mechanics are not allowed. Bike changes are self-service ONLY, so plan ahead. There is no water on site for bike washing. If needed, we will provide neutral service volunteers in the pit to assist riders and pick up discarded bikes from bike exchanges. We will probably not hand UP clean bikes, but we can CATCH discarded bikes. We’ll adjust these policies if conditions are extreme. Please follow these rules so the race is fair to everyone.

NO SPECTATORS: We must limit the number of people at the venue as much as possible. Juniors racing in the afternoon are permitted to have one guardian per family on site.

NO COURSE PREVIEW or WARM-UP on course. Exceptions as follows: The course will be set-up Saturday by mid-afternoon, in fact it is already staked now. On race day, we will allow preview prior to 8:55 a.m., during the lunch break, and during the 20 min break prior to junior categories. Please respect this restriction as we need to maintain a max number of participants on the course at all times.

Pre-registration ONLY here. Registration on race day is not available.

Registration closes Fri, Oct. 23 at 11:59 pm. Field limits apply.

-Call ups: 10 minutes before start, based on USA Cycling rankings. Call up lists will be posted on our website before the event.

-Awards: No awards this year, no podiums

-Results: Online at, will not be posted on site.

-Chip timed: No chip = last place

-Refund Policy: Unfortunately we can’t provide refunds. The weather is out of our control, the costs of putting on the event are fixed, and significant expenses have already been absorbed. If you have significant financial hardship please contact us.

Clothing Tips for Cold Weather

Wear more gear than you think you need. You can always unzip layers if you get too hot, but if you’re underdressed you won’t last long.

Let’s assume it’s 15 degrees outside. Here’s what you need to wear:

Think in layers…

Layer 1 next to skin: dry base layers, long underwear, bib tights or bib shorts with leg warmers, wool socks

Layer 2: more base layers: turtle neck top, long underwear, tights, thermal jersey or skinsuit, neck gaiter, balaclava

Layer 3: windproof layer: wind pants, substantial jacket, shoe covers, 2nd beanie or ear band

Layer 4: Bigger jacket, Gore Tex if it’s wet out, puffy jacket if dry out, another layer of pants (full zip is best)

Kids: Think snow pants, parkas, goggles, proper skiing gloves or mittens, snow boots and flat pedals

Head and Face: When riding in cold weather, you need to keep your head, ears, face, and neck warm. The best way to do this is with a balaclava and a hat with earflaps (or skull cap plus ear band plus neck gaiter). Aim for a double layer of head protection (essentially two hats). Pro tip: a little vaseline on exposed skin can make a huge difference.   Covering the tip of the nose and cheek bones with a thin layer can ward off frostbite / frostnip.

Hands: It’s good to have 3-4 pairs of different thickness, from full on thick ski gloves or mittens to medium weight options.

Stay dry: During your warm up, keep your clothing dry. If anything gets wet, swap it out before the race. Don’t start the race with damp base layers or damp socks.

Ignore team kits: Team jerseys are not required in cyclocross and are worthless in cold weather. Choose gear made for winter, not summer. Your team doesn’t care what jersey you wear in races like this.

After the race: After the race, remove all damp clothing and put on dry layers. Don’t sit in wet or damp clothing, it will greatly delay your ability to get warm again.

2020 Schoolyard Cross COVID Precautions

  • Masks must be worn over the mouth and nose at all times, by all attendees. The one exception will be during the race or while sitting down to eat or drink. Race officials will let the riders know when to remove their masks before their start, and all riders must put them back on after finishing.
  • Participants are asked to follow social distancing practices throughout the venue.
  • A health check will be required at number pick-up. If you are sick, or know that you have been exposed to the virus, please stay home.
  • No spectators, please. To help protect all the riders and their families, we want to limit the number of people at the venue as much as possible.
  • Juniors racing in the afternoon are permitted to have one guardian per family on site, (not more than one please.)
  • You are not allowed a pit person. Pitting will be self service. No hand-ups anywhere on the course.
  • Field limits will be in place.
  • No food/water/services will be provided. Please be self sufficient.
  • No podiums or awards will be held.
  • Results will be live and available online ONLY. We will NOT have printed results at the venue. If there’s an immediate protest on your finish place please send an email to and