Bike Play

Update May 14, 2020: This program is on hold until conditions allow us to restart. We do not anticipate running this program until July at the earliest, and possibly not all in 2020.

The Bike Play program is BJC’s intro to cycling for girls and boys ages 4-6. Basic skills will be taught, but the focus is making that critical link between bikes and fun.

Register here. Deadlines and participant limits apply.

Each week of this 6 session program has a specific focus. Riders will learn about the bike, learn to separate the bike and body through games and props, learn wheel placement by riding on bubble wrap or through balloons, participate in bike story time, do bike art and more. The last ride of each session is a parent assist ride at a local trailhead!

Cost: $120

To participate in Bike Play, riders must:

  • Be 4-6 years of age
  • Own a well functioning pedal bike
  • Be able to ride a 2 wheeled pedal bike unassisted
  • Have a certified helmet
  • Be potty trained

More details…

  • Rotate among locations throughout Boulder
  • We will potentially cancel due to bad weather, but make up sessions are not planned and will only be included if feasible within our coaching schedule

2020 Fall Season (details to come)

Questions? Contact Devo Programs Manager Lester Pardoe