October, 2016: “My son is LOVING BJC! He talks about it all the time and is always heading over to the park to practice on his own. It’s been really great and the coaches are awesome. Such an awesome and unique experience you are all providing to so many kids.”

October, 2016: “Expert coaches, fun vibe, awesome skill development. Our kids are having a blast. You’re doing something right!”

December, 2016: “Thanks for everything this season. You have created such a supportive and encouraging program– the community is really wonderful. The best I have seen as a Mom of any sport we have done!”

January, 2017: “I just want you to know how much we appreciate all you have done for our kid. Having a podium finish this year felt like a huge life lesson: this is what happens when you stay at it and work hard. So thanks again for all that you do – both the big things and the vital little things.”

January, 2017: (From a rider) “I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all of your support and encouragement this season. My year has been really spectacular and I grew so much in just a few short months. None of that would have been possible without BJC. All the practices and fun reinvigorated my love for bike racing when I was feeling a little burned out, and your support and advice allowed me to use that new passion and turn it into results. I’ve gained so much wisdom since this September and BJC was a huge part of that!”

September, 2017: “Thank you for being a trusted mentor and giving us parents practical skills to be better parents. I am so glad we found BJC.”

October, 2017: “My son has grown so much from his experience and raced today for the first time. While I don’t care so much about whether he races or not frankly, I do see that it is training him to deal with intensity in a way that is life affirming and good, especially with the world in the state that it is. Thank you for all the work that you do to make this happen.”

October, 2017: “Thank you for being an amazing mentor who is so clearly invested in the passionate success of our kids.”

November, 2017: “Thanks for running a first class program!”

November, 2017: “Thank you so much again for an incredible first season with BJC. My son loved the program and so did we! Thank you for bringing this great sport closer to our kids so that they can grow and learn to love it. We are looking forward to mountain bike season and getting our other two kids involved in the program as well. I wanted to be sure you knew how much we appreciated everything these past few months.”

November, 2017: “I wanted to thank you for your work with BJC. Your enthusiasm and love for the sport is contagious. All this while having your priorities right and living them as a role model for my son. I couldn’t be happier as a Dad that he’s under your tutelage. He talks about lines, efficiency, recovering mentally from mistakes…All applicable to work and life lessons.”

November, 2017: “Before BJC, my son was in another sport but it never really clicked after many years on the team. But he has instantly found his sport and passion in cycling and laughs/smiles so much at practices. It’s so neat for me that he owns it himself and not something I encouraged or forced him into. Because of your time and commitment to giving back even when you have your own kids and busy schedule, he feels like he belongs in this positive BJC environment. If only you could hear our conversations on the ride home from practice, he is so excited to share what he learned.”

November, 2017: “My son doesn’t often share too much about practices (as I think he is beat!) but after Tuesday’s snowy practice he shared that it was one of his favorite days so far. His reasons were that it was a small special group & hot chocolate, cookies and the snow! Thank you for this special day. I love this team & all it represents. So happy that we have found a place like this. Thanks!”