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The BJC road program is a nationally recognized development team that provides coaching, training, and racing for all abilities age 9-18. BJC has been designated a “Center of Excellence” by USA Cycling every year since 2008.

2017 is a wrap! Stay tuned for info about our 2018 programs approx. Feb/March 2018.

(2017 Info Below)

Program Summary

  • 4 levels based on age, skill, and experience
  • Open, encouraging, team-based approach
  • A sequential program that follows kids as they develop, from beginners to world-class experts
  • Coach-led practice 2 days a week, locations vary throughout Boulder
  • Season runs from April-July for younger riders, February-August for older riders
  • Races on weekends. (Racing is not required for younger riders, but most kids choose to race at least a couple times)
  • Experienced, certified, well-trained coaching staff
  • For our younger riders, our emphasis is on developing fundamental bike skills and having FUN
  • Cost varies based on program level and length of season


There are 4 levels in the Road Program based on age and experience. Coaches will place riders into the level that best matches their skill level and may move riders as they develop.

Devo 3 – Age 9+ with 0-1 years of experience. This is a new level currently in development for summer 2017 and is targeted at very young riders just getting started.  This group is ideal for 24” wheeled riders and age 9-10 beginners who need an introduction to basic bike handling skills and road rules. This is a small intimate group that rides on bike paths/neighborhoods/parking lots and will ride 6-12 miles per practice. Requires minimum 6 riders to hold. Inquire below for details.

Devo 2 – Age 9+ with 1-2 years of experience (700c wheels required)

Devo 1 – Age ~10-18 with more than 2 years of experience and mastery of Devo 2 skills

Stagiaire – Age 14-18+ with significant racing experience (application required)

We know riders don’t always fit neatly into boxes. BJC strives to group riders of similar skill level together to facilitate progression of all riders. The Devo program should be thought of more as a continuum rather than levels. BJC reserves the option to combine groups based upon participation levels.

Devo Program Details

The Devo Program is for riders age 9-18 and focuses on skill development and introduction to racing from beginner to intermediate levels. This is our core road program and includes all riders except riders on the Stagiaire Team.

  • Coach-led practice 2 days a week, locations vary throughout Boulder
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays 4:15-5:45 pm during school year
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays 9-10:30 am in summer
  • Full Season: March 21 – July 27, 16 weeks, approximately 34 sessions. (includes 4 cancellation days in-case of bad weather)
  • Spring Season: March 21 – May 25 (8 weeks) (No practice during Spring Break)
  • Summer Season May 30 – July 27 (8 weeks)
  • Devo 3 season for the youngest riders: May 30 – July 27 (8 weeks)
  • Returning in 2017 are coaches Jenn Reither and Yannick Eckmann, both very experienced coaches and pro riders
  • 4 local team races and 2 travel team races, though riders can race at any race during the season
  • Team races include coaching, course inspection, race support
  • Team deals on products and gear

Devo 1 and 2 – 2017 Team Race Calendar (Tentative)

4/8 Boulder Roubaix
4/30 – Koppenburg
5/21 – Superior Morgul
6/10 – Castle Pines – Best on Hess TT/TTT
7/7-7/9 – Silt – State Championships
7/28-7/30 – Salida

Stagiaire Program Details

This program is for experienced riders age 14+ who have mastered the competencies in the Devo program, are Cat 3 level (or near), are high-school aged, and who want to be a part of a demanding, competitive, traveling team. Emphasis is on excelling in competition, producing state and national champions, and preparing young cyclists to progress to very competitive amateur and professional cycling. Email Stagiaire coach Andy Bajadali to discuss participation.

  • Pre-season weekend team rides beginning in February
  • Twice a week practice beginning ~ March 10 and ending August 11, approximately 40 sessions
  • Practice is after school until summer break, then in the morning
  • Coached by veteran pro Andy Bajadali in his 4th season with BJC
  • Ten local team races and six travel team races
  • Travel and participation in out-of-state races such as T.O.A.D. or the National Championships require added fees
  • Team deals on products and gear
  • Training camp in Moab, ~ March 26 – 31 (additional cost, please inquire)

General Road Program Info

Rider Placement

Coaches place the Devo riders into the appropriate level during the first week of practice, and may make adjustments during the season. Participation in the Stagiaire level must be discussed with the coach before the season.


Afternoon practice is two days a week at locations and sites throughout Boulder. We rotate locations regularly to provide new terrain and challenges for the riders. See above for days & times.


Costs for 2017:

Devo Full Season: $850, Devo Spring or Summer $425
Stagiaire Full Season: $1,300

We strive to keep fees as low as possible while also offering a professional program. Fees are used to pay our coaches, our administration costs, insurance, and expenses.

Additional fees may apply to Stagiaire riders to cover camps and travel. These fees are based upon the program details for each year.

Financial Scholarships

BJC offers financial support for families who qualify and we have options for paying fees in installments. Here’s more information.


March 2017 Update:

Stagiaire team is full for 2017. Inquire below for details.

Devo program accepts registration at any time. Inquire below for details.

Girls Invited!

BJC is always working to increase girls’ participation in cycling. Please help spread the word and encourage girls to sign up! All girls – even beginners – are welcome to join practice for a “test ride” at any time. Just let us know!


BJC provides a professional coaching staff that brings a high level of training and experience to the program. Our coaches include top-level racers, national champions, and veterans of the sport. All of them have a passion for junior cycling that fuels our success. Our lead coaches are certified in First Aid/CPR, have concussion training, and are Safe Sport certified.


Racing is not required at the Devo level, but most kids choose to race at least a couple times to apply the skills they’ve learned and see their improvements. But nobody should feel pressure to race. There are plenty of BJC riders who don’t want to race, and that is totally fine! Most of the races are for riders age 11 – 18, however there are many events throughout the season for the 9-10 age group. Events are held locally, across Colorado, as well as regionally and – for older and more experienced riders – national championships. Depending on age, an average rider will do about 8-10 races per season. There are races available nearly every weekend from mid-April until mid-August.

BJC provides coaching, support, and a dedicated base camp at several races each season. This is included in program fees.  Many families participate in additional races on their own, and there are always other BJC kids to ride with. But BJC can’t provide support at every race on the calendar.

The exact schedule of races with BJC team support will be determined as the season approaches. Sometimes, weather or other factors require us to change the races with BJC team support.


Riders need their own bike as well as a helmet and appropriate clothing (rain jacket, gloves, cold weather gear, etc.) Free or discounted equipment may be available to scholarship riders.

Team Kits

Team uniforms are required for racing, but are optional for those who choose not to race. Group clothing orders are placed several times per year, and take about 2 months to be produced. Clothing is not included in program fees. The team also hosts a ‘swap session’ to help exchange gear among ever-growing kids!

Other Team Benefits

Boulder Junior Cycling members get various other benefits and deals, such as:

  • Team tent and coaching at many races all season long, including the National Championships
  • 15% discount on parts and accessories from our Team’s favorite bike shop, Boulder Cycle Sport. BCS also hosts a “Team Night” twice per year when additional discounts are offered.
  • Big savings on bikes thru Giant Bicycles, the official bike sponsor of BJC. Orders are placed via Boulder Cycle Sport seasonally. (Contact us for details)
  • Seasonal orders on discounted gear from select companies
  • Team Facebook group for communicating with the team and buying and selling gear
  • Gear swaps to exchange gear and buy hand-me-downs


BJC is a volunteer-based organization. Families are expected to volunteer several hours each season to help keep our program running, and we’ll announce different opportunities for those with a little or a lot of time to pitch in.

For further information please contact:

Parent Liaison Jerome Stone,

Executive Director Pete Webber,



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