Rider Diary: Salida Road Race 2011

Salida Road Race

I looked at the clock on my bike computer, and it said 5:58.- There were 11 minutes to my start, so I rolled over to the start/finish line, and there were all the juniors, standing in a large group, waiting for the officials to line us up.- We were directed to the start, and after what seemed like forever, we started.- The officials had told us 1 lap, instead of the 2 the flyer had said.- We formed a pace line with an Amicas- kid at the front.- He was there all the way to the feed station, where another kid attacked, and I thought that we could catch back up if we could have a high tempo.- We turned the right hand corner that would take us up the hill.- We rode hard to the left hand corner that meant we were heading into the neighborhood.- I looked back and saw that there was an Alpha kid, Birgit Morris of Two Rivers, the Amicas- kid, and myself.- I was happy but amazed at the reduction of the field.- We were still chasing when we got to the first stair step.- He had a 7 or 8 second gap when we were past the steep section.- It flattened out for a while, but there was still a small grade.- The Amicas- kid was still on the front, powering away.- There were two small downhills, but they were short and were meaningless except for catching your breath.- Then there was a left turn that led you even farther up the mountain.- There was a 30-45 second uphill, and I attacked on it.- I had a 5 second gap going into the gravel, so I was good.- The Amicas- kid bridged up to me on the descent, but that was fine.- It was a breakneck descent, and I was using my 53-11. (DISCLAIMER-I have 650 wheels).- We had a small gap on the Alpha kid, but he probably could close it.- When we got to the bottom, the Amicas- kid had caught us.- We worked together on the flat, twisty part before the finish.- On the last 90 degree corner, the Amicas- kid went into it with way too much speed, and he skidded and went all the way across the road.- Then the two of us finished in a sprint, and the Alpha kid won it, but I didn-t care, I got third.

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Rider Diary: Road Nationals 2011 by Cade Bickmore

Last month I participated at the USA Cycling Road National Championships in Augusta, Georgia in the Junior Men 13-14 along with teammate Jacques de Curnou and my brother Torin who raced in the Junior Men 10-12.

JM 13-14 USA Nationals Criterium

We drove out there so we could bring our camper trailer and a lot of bikes. Jacques and his family drove out separately. -We left at 9:00 pm on June 19 on our 30 hour drive. -We took some breaks along the way including a stop in St. Louis where we got to see the Arch both at night and in the morning and got to go in it. -It was pretty cool, and at night it had lights shining like spotlights in a way that made a cool shadow in the air (yeah, that is how humid it was). -Finally after 28 hours of driving and being on the road for 2 and a half days we arrived in Marietta, Georgia at a friends house where we stayed the night then left at about noon the next day where we made the final 1 and a half hours of driving to get to Augusta.

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Rider Diary: 2011 Candelas Circuit Race by Nolan Brunner

The official announced the JM 10-12 category, and because that was mine, I rolled up to the start. Trevor Way and Peter Whitsel were the only other people who could beat me, so I thought that it wouldn-t be such a hard race, like responding to attacks and they weren-t great climbers so I could probably attack and drop them. The official warned us that there were 30 seconds to the start. I focused on the road ahead. I waited for the official to say 15 seconds, but he didn-t. He said -Riders ready? Go!- I got the hole shot, and I dragged everyone behind me. We got to the first flat, and I looked back and there was no one there. I let them catch up, and then I pulled. I hopped on the back, and let everyone else do the work. I got to the front, then I didn-t care if the pack could keep up or not. Peter was behind me and he fell off, so I was in the front. I increased my lead over the pack in the last, steepest climb. I passed under the finish line, and I saw Peter and Trevor were pretty far behind. I thought they would gain time on the downhill, but not catch me. I threw it in the big ring and hammered on the pedals. I got to the first flat going pretty fast, and when I got to the bottom, I still had a 40 foot lead. I knew that gap would get a lot bigger on the climb. I went a little too far to the inside on the turnaround, but that didn-t matter. I started up the first little climb and I probably increased my lead by about 5 seconds. When I got to the big, last climb, I decided if I wanted to win, I needed to go pretty hard on that hill. I did that, and I won! After I finished, I looked back and saw that Trevor and Peter were pretty far back.


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Product Review: DA-7400 by Nolan Brunner


Welcome to SpotOn! Spot is my nickname, and Nolan is my real name. This is my column for equipment advice, junior racing and any question you have that is cycling related. You can send me questions through the link on this page.

My first subject will be Shimano Dura-ace 7400 shifters. These are advantageous for a young padawan (me) because their shorter inner lever allows kids with small hands to reach the levers without going into their drops. Sadly, they started making them twenty years ago and haven-t made them for 10 or more years. Mine are still going strong after a lot of use. They-re older than me, which isn-t very common. They are often available on Craigslist or EBay and adults you know may have a set (or full group) that they don-t want anymore. They are compatible only with DA 7400 8-speed rear derailleurs. They were the first shifters mounted on the handlebars that were mass produced.

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