BJC Clothing Store Open till Aug. 2, 2017

Clothing store is now open for ONE WEEK ONLY!

July 26 thru Wednesday, Aug. 2

Lots of details, so please read carefully…

It’s time to order your team clothing for cyclocross. The store is open for ONE WEEK ONLY! Now thru end of the day Wednesday, Aug. 2. This is your only chance to get clothing for the cyclocross season.

A fitting session will be held tomorrow, Thursday July 27, from 5:30 – 7:00 pm. at the Cuore offices on Hwy 36 just north of Boulder at the turn off to Boulder Valley Ranch. 3121 Longhorn Road, Boulder, CO 80304. If you already know your sizes, you do not need to attend the fitting. (If you can’t attend the fitting, contact to schedule an alternate time.)

You can order and pay for clothing while at the Cuore offices!

All BJC programs in 2017-2018 use the same kit. Riders are not required to purchase – old kits are totally OK to use. (The exception is the Stagiaire team who are required to race in the new jersey at a minimum.)

Our kits are produced by Cuore, a Boulder-based company who are big supporters of BJC. Cuore is an Italian word that means “heart.” We work with Cuore to get the lowest prices possible. Clothing is custom made and must be ordered and paid for directly from the Cuore online store. Clothing is not included in our program fees and there is no inventory of clothing held by BJC. Delivery to Boulder takes about 4 weeks and customers will be notified when it arrives.

Here are the clothing ordering steps, read carefully:

1) Attend the fitting or research your size. Don’t try and GUESS your size!

2) New Riders: Here are the instructions to gain access to our Team Store if you are NEW to the team.

Create an account and enter the team code BJC2017 at the online store here:

3) Returning Riders: If you have ordered before, you will have an existing account. Go to the link above and click the log in button in the upper right corner and enter the team code. If you are unable to access the team store with your existing account, please email to reset your store access OR you can create a new account using a new and different email address.

Here are the instructions to gain access to our Team Store if you have an account for BJC from last year

For anyone who rides with Boulder High or Fairview that already has an account with Cuore for those teams, there are two options:

a) You can either create a new account with a new and different email address. or b) You can email Cuore will manually reset your account, and then you can log in with your existing account information.

4) Then you must logout and log back in. Select “Login to the TEAM SHOP” for the BJC store to appear.

5) At the top left of your account page you’ll see “Boulder Junior Cycling”  Hover over it and select the proper line of clothing “Adult” or “Junior”.

6) Order and pay for your clothing

7) The Cuore online store can be glitchy and hard to use. If you have difficulties, it can be worthwhile to just pop over to the Cuore office and place your order in person: (3121 Longhorn Road, on Hwy 36 just north of Boulder.)

8) Contact if needed.

A few notes:

-Any family members are eligible to order clothing.

-There are 2 size ranges: Junior and Adult.

-For adult sizes, there are two levels of kit. Silver is the highest performance, while Bronze offers the best prices.

-For junior sizes, only Bronze is offered.

-The junior sizes range from 116 –152 based on the rider’s height in centimeters. For example size 122 is for a child 122 centimeters tall.

-Adult sizing runs from XS up to 3XL. Don’t try and GUESS the proper size! Go to the fitting or try on a friend’s kit from the spring season.

In addition to bib shorts and jerseys, you can get new BJC red arm warmers, black leg warmers, zip-off thermal tights, thermal jackets, BJC cycling caps, thermal hats, gloves, and thermal base layers at a team discount. The zip-off thermal tights are one of our favorite pieces of winter kit!

We have created a new short-sleeve CX skinsuit specifically for this season. It is designed to be paired with new BJC red arm warmers for chilly temps. The skinsuit sleeves are slightly longer than usual in order to hold arm warmers up better. Long-sleeve skinsuits are great for late fall when is it cold, but a short sleeve jersey or skinsuit is best in the hot months of the season. The new BJC red arm warmers help convert short sleeves to long.

This is the ONLY order for cyclocross season. (Spirit wear such as T-shirts, hoodies, hats, socks, beanies, etc will be available for purchase at BJC events all season long!)

-Questions? Contact our friends at Cuore: 

-Got outgrown kits? Here’s a Google Doc where you can buy and sell BJC clothing. 

Remember, store closes end of the day Wednesday, Aug. 2.