Financial Support Information

Boulder Junior Cycling was founded to provide high quality coaching to aspiring junior racers. But hiring and retaining top level coaches and running high quality programs come at a cost. To ensure that program fees do not deter willing juniors, BJC has a scholarship program to assist those who qualify. The money comes from private foundations, individual donations, and other fundraising.

Support is available for families of riders needing help paying program fees and/or paying travel costs to national or international events. We welcome all applications. To inquire about criteria and how much you may be eligible for, contact

Amounts & Eligibility: You may request any amount of financial support up to 100% of program fees. The amount of financial support provided is based on a sliding scale considering the size of the family and adjusted gross income. The level of support is also dependent on the availability of funds and the number of requests.

Payment Installments: As an alternate to financial support, you may request to pay program fees in several installments instead of a lump sum. Requests should be sent to the BJC Executive Director via email.

Deadlines: Application for program fee financial support is due minimum of 2 weeks prior to the program practice start date, and 4 weeks is best. This is to allow all requests to be reviewed together; late requests may be denied or reduced due to lack of funding. Application for travel cost assistance must be at least 2 weeks before the event, and a month is better.

Completed Applications Must Include:

1) A cover letter providing any additional info that will be useful in determining support.

2) The completed application form: MS Word – or – PDF.

3) Copy of Federal Tax Return (only if requesting 50% or greater program fee support.)

The application should be sent to the BJC Executive Director via email at


*All decisions regarding financial support are made based on available funds and number of applicants and are at the sole discretion of BJC and its Board of Directors.

*BJC may request further information and supporting documents.