Cyclocross Program Information

2017 Program Info

Cyclocross is a great entry point to the sport of cycling. It’s the perfect tool for developing bike skills and getting started with racing. Over the past 10 years, our Cyclocross Program has grown to over 90 riders from age 8 to 18. We’ve built an incredible team of coaches who bring a high level of passion and experience to the program. Kids get two after-school practices per week, racing on the weekends, and learn to master cycling skills that will last a lifetime.

Registration update August 21, 2017: Regular pre-season registration is now closed but new participants will be accepted on a case-by-case basis depending upon the age and experience level of the rider and the capacity of each program. Please inquire with Executive Director Pete Webber,


Program Summary:

* 4 levels based on age and experience from age 8 to 18

* Afternoon practice 2 days a week, locations vary throughout Boulder and change weekly

* Season is divided into two parts which Devo riders can choose from (Stagiaire riders go full season)

-First Half of Season: Aug 22 – Nov 2

-Second Half of Season: Nov 7 – Early Jan

* Races on weekends all season. (Racing is not required, but most kids choose to race at least a couple times)

* Experienced, well-trained coaching staff

* Our biggest emphasis is on developing fundamental bike skills and having FUN

* Open, encouraging, team-based approach for all levels

* A sequential program that follows kids as they develop, from beginners to the World Championships

* Cost ranges from $495 to $995 based on rider level and length of season


There are 4 levels in the Cyclocross Program based on age and experience.

* Devo Tier 3 “Zolder”– Age 8+ with 0 years of cyclocross experience

* Devo Tier 2 “Loenhout” – Age ~9+ with 0-2 years of cyclocross experience

* Devo Tier 1 “Diegem” – Age ~10-18 with more than 2 years of experience and mastery of Tier 2 cyclocross skills

* Stagiaire “Hoogerheide” – Age 14-18+ with significant cyclocross racing experience and skills

Rider Placement

Coaches place the riders into the appropriate level during the first week of practice, and may make adjustments during the season. Participation in the Stagiaire level must be discussed with head coach Pete Webber before the season.


The full season runs from late August into early January, but our program is divided into two parts which riders can choose from. (Stagiaire riders automatically participate in the full season.)

-First Half of Season: Aug 22 – Nov 2 (11 weeks, 22 practices, plus numerous races)

-Second Half of Season: Nov 7 – Early Jan (10 weeks, 10-20 practices, plus races) (2nd half registration takes place in October 2017)

In the first half of the season, all practices are outside, but after Nov 6 practices move indoors due to Daylight Savings Time for some riders and shift earlier in the afternoon for those who get out of school by 2:30. There are occasional outdoor practice on weekends or school holidays. About 50% of Devo riders participate in the first plus second half , while some of the younger or less experienced riders choose to only do the first half. Racing continues all season.

Race support and coaching is provided at pre-selected events all season long. Rider who sign up for only the First Half of Season are automatically eligible for race day coaching and support thru the whole season.


Afternoon practice is two days a week at various parks and sites throughout Boulder with permits from the Boulder Parks Department. We rotate locations regularly to provide new terrain and challenges for the riders. Examples include: Tantra Park, Scott Carpenter Park, and Valmont Bike Park. Practice locations are announced using Team Snap each week.

* Devo: Tuesday & Thursday 4:15 – 6:15 pm

* Stagiaire: Tuesday & Wednesday 4:15 – 6:15 pm

Beginning in November, practice moves indoors since it’s too dark outside. Location is the CU Sports Medicine and Performance Center. (Outdoor practice is held for those who get out of school by 2:30.) During school vacations such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, special outdoor practices are usually held.


Devo Levels 1st Half Aug – Oct:     $495 (11 weeks)

Devo Levels 2nd Half  Nov – Jan:  $295  (10 weeks, registration opens in October)

Stagiaire Full Season:                   $995 (21 weeks)

Extra fees apply for out of state races and Nationals.

We strive to keep fees as low as possible while also offering a professional program. For reference, Devo riders in the first 11 weeks get 22 practices and 4-6 team races which breaks down to about $18 per practice/race. Fees are used to pay our coaches, our administration costs, insurance, and rentals costs for practice locations.

Financial Support

We offer financial support for families who qualify or options for paying fees in installments. Here’s more information or contact coach Pete should you have any other questions on applying. The deadline to submit the application is July 31st.

Flexibility for High School Mountain Bike Racers and Other Sports

We know that some riders need flexibility in order to do other after-school activities, sports, and high school mountain bike racing. We are willing to work one-on-one with families to find flexible arrangements when needed. Contact us.


Registration update August 21, 2017: Regular pre-season registration is now closed but new participants will be accepted on a case-by-case basis depending upon the age and experience level of the rider and the capacity of each program. Please inquire with Executive Director Pete Webber,

Girls Invited

BJC is always working to increase girl’s participation in cycling. Please help spread the word and encourage girls to sign up! All girls – even beginners – are welcome to join practices for a “test ride” at any time. Just let us know!


BJC provides a professional coaching staff that brings a high level of training and experience to the program. Our coaches include top-level racers, national champions, and veterans of the sport. All of them have a passion for junior cyclocross that fuels our success.

In 2017, we’re grateful that most of our veteran coaches are returning, including Pete Webber, Margell Abel, Michael Robson, Greg Keller, Lester Pardoe, Johs Huseby, Rob Pickels, Brandon Dwight, Maxx Chance, and Meredith Miller among others!

Our coaches typically hold the following certifications:

– First Aid & CPR
– Safe Sport
– HEADS UP Concussion training

BJC has been designated a “Center of Excellence” by USA Cycling every year since 2008. This designation is awarded to select junior development teams which excel in the development of young cycling athletes.


Racing is not required, but most kids choose to race at least a couple times to apply the skills they’ve learned and see their improvements. But nobody should feel pressure to race. There are plenty of BJC riders who don’t want to race, and that is totally fine! There are categories for every age and ability, and the kids really have fun. Events are scattered up and down the Front Range. An average rider will do about 8-10 races per season and the older riders will race as many as 15-20 events. There are races available nearly every Saturday and Sunday from early September till early January.

At roughly 8-10 designated “team races” , BJC provides coaching, support, and a dedicated base camp. This is included in program fees.  Many families participate in additional races on their own, and there are always other BJC kids to ride with. But BJC can’t provide support at every race on the calendar.

The exact schedule of “team races” with BJC team support will be determined as the season approaches. Sometimes, weather or other factors require us to change the races with BJC team support.

Racing License

Junior riders must have a license to race. ($35 for a USA Cycling license plus $15 for a Colorado license) Details here.


Riders need their own cyclocross or mountain bike as well as a helmet and appropriate clothing (rain jacket, gloves, cold weather gear, etc.). Buy and sell gear on the BJC Facebook group.

Team Clothing

Team uniforms are pre-ordered by individuals prior to the season. Clothing must be ordered and paid for directly from the Coure online store. Clothing is not included in program fees and there is no inventory of clothing held by BJC.

Generally an email will be sent when the online store is open, and will be posted on the facebook or web page. Ordering typically happens in mid July and the gear takes 6 weeks to be produced.

General details for clothing orders are here.

Team uniforms are not required, but most riders choose to purchase them. A team jersey and shorts are great to have, and many kids also get long sleeve jerseys, jackets, and racing skin suits. The uniforms for the Road Racing, Mountain Biking, and Cyclocross teams are all the same.

Other Team Benefits

Boulder Junior Cycling members get various other benefits and deals, such as

– Team base-camp and coaching at many races all season long, including the National Championships

– BJC riders get 15% off part & accessories everyday (not labor) from our Team’s favorite bike shop, Boulder Cycle Sport

– Big savings on bikes thru Giant Bicycles, the official bike sponsor of BJC. Orders are placed via Boulder Cycle Sport seasonally. (Contact us for details)

– Seasonal orders on discounted gear from select companies

– Team Facebook group for communicating with the team and buying and selling gear

– Gear swaps to exchange gear and buy hand-me-downs. Buy and sell gear on the BJC Facebook group.


BJC is a volunteer-based organization. Families are expected to volunteer several hours each season to help keep our program running, and we’ll announce different opportunities for those with a little or a lot of time to pitch in.

More Information

The cyclocross lead parent is Dan Farrell. The head coach is Pete Webber. Please contact them via email for further information.

Pete:, cell 303-562-7510